We offer you a full-service package or customised solutions
Retail location strategy
Germany-wide property contacts
Rental contract management
Optimisation of your rental agreements
Ancillary costs
Project Consulting
Intuition and a good gut feeling are important in retail. But combined with a data-based location strategy, this becomes a well-founded decision.
Location as a success factor
Location remains the key to success. Over 100 criteria influence the selection, but their weighting is crucial.
Data-based analysis
We use your data, our experience and external sources to determine the ideal location with IT-supported systems.
Your advantages:
Optimised site selection: Find profitable new locations.
Fault detection: Identify operational weaknesses in the portfolio.
Revenue potential: Utilise white spot lists efficiently.
Internal persuasion: "Sell" the location in your organisation.
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We have excellent connections to landlords, property managers, centre managers and estate agents throughout Germany.
Strong regional network
Our local offices and employees ensure excellent regional networking.
Our all-round service
Property search: We find the right property.
Negotiation: We clarify all the commercial details.
Location presentation: We create comprehensive presentations.
Complete service: All you have to do is make the decision.
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CIMPLIFY - our software for managing and visualising rental agreements.
Are you always having problems with rental agreements?
Do you need to show provisions for accrued but not yet utilised additional claims from index-linked contracts in your balance sheet?
Sounds complicated? CIMPLIFY shows the total of all potential additional claims down to the exact euro
Imagine that you have to keep track of many rental agreements - down to the smallest detail.
CIMPLIFY reminds you of expiring deadlines, even if you have to write an invoice for a building cost subsidy, for example.
Meetings and meetings with the letting agent on site lead to hasty data searches in your own system.
All contract details for the individual locations are mobile, quick & easy to access
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Use option rights and negotiation deadlines to renegotiate! Or do you lack the time due to shorter contract terms?
We'll take care of it for you!
Our property managers in each region optimise the branch portfolio according to your wishes.
Rent optimisation: We scrutinise and optimise your rent burden.
Adjustment of terms: We adapt contract terms to your needs.
Flexible contract options: Receive building cost allowances, special cancellation rights and renewal options.
A rental agreement always harbours potential for improvement. With our many years of experience, we support you in optimising your business in terms of earnings and investment.
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Service charges: identify potential savings
For many people, service charges are just a transitory item. For us, they are pure savings potential. Scrutinise your utility bill and have it checked by our team of experts.
Our service for you:
Analysis: We analyse your utility bill in detail.
Optimisation: We identify potential savings and suggest optimisations.
Advice: We advise you on possible measures and implement them for you.
Benefit from our expertise and reduce your operating costs sustainably.
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Utilise our 30 years of retail experience
Benefit from over 30 years of retail experience and tell us about your special project. Maybe we can help you with it.
Our offer for your special project:
Consultancy: We offer sound advice based on decades of experience.
Strategy: We develop customised strategies for your project.
Implementation: We support you in the successful realisation.
Tell us about your project and let's work together to find solutions that will ensure your success.
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Next level location intelligence
Always make the right location decisions with our founded joint venture between B&P and RetailSonar.

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We offer you comprehensive commercial real estate management. New locations, contract optimization or branch network management - we are your full-service partner in real estate management.
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