Digitize your retail portfolio

CIMPLIFY is a software for managing and displaying leases - developed by retailers for retailers.
Take the quantum leap with CIMPLIFY and put an end to confusing Excel tables.


Contract Management

CIMPLIFY organizes and shows you all the information about your leases.

Deadline management

CIMPLIFY automatically calculates all deadlines for a given contract and displays these deadlines in a corresponding "Deadline Management Module".


Reporting for IFRS and GAAP or for internal management review only is often a lengthy and time-consuming process. Not with CIMPLIFY.


CIMPLIFY provides you with anonymized real data benchmarks for your rents, contract terms, revenues and ancillary costs.

Activity overview

CIMPLIFY provides a complete history for each deal, recorded negotiations, results and correspondence with the landlord.

Additional cost audit

CIMPLIFY offers you a module to check utility costs, with which you'll be able to follow the evolution of your "second rent" over time. Besides, if the costs get out of control, you'll be warned.

Store Portfolio-Karte

CIMTPLIFY has smart custom categories that allow you to group your stores by any dimension you want.

Decision-making module

Quickly creates a presentation of your negotiation results or termination decision to your internal stakeholders.

CIMPLIFY makes your data visible, usable and traceable

Visible - Digitize your portfolio to have all contract data and documents clearly organized in one place - available with one click.
Usable - Keep track of your contract dates and deadlines. CIMPLIFY reminds you in time of upcoming deadlines, giving you enough time to act instead of just reacting.
Traceable - CIMPLIFY was developed by experienced trading professionals and therefore facilitates exactly all relevant internal processes.

Contact us for a Live-Demo of CIMPLIFY

Find out about all CIMPLIFY features during a brief phone call with one of our sales representatives.

Get started in 3 steps

Get in touch with us

We are always ready to give you a free overview of CIMPLIFY. Already at the first meeting we will develop a concrete work plan for your CIMPLIFY integration.

We transfer your data in 7 days

We take over your existing contract data in no time at all and close any data gaps that may still exist. You receive CIMPLIFY ready to go and filled with your data.

CIMPLIFY is ready for use

Use CIMPLIFY now to manage your contracts. Our support team will be happy to answer your questions with a Workshop and has a detailed user manual ready for you.

Ready for the future?

Changing consumer habits, online competition, demographic change - the list of challenges for stationary retailers is getting longer and longer. It is time to adapt your own organization to this development. Be online within a week with CIMPLIFY to work faster and more efficiently in your store network.
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01234567890 daysto present your contract portfolio online with CIMPLIFY
012345678900123456789001234567890%adaptable to your individual requirements
01234567890.012345678900123456789001234567890 +Contracts are already actively managed by CIMPLIFY

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